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Our Granite kitchen worktop supply and installation service is the perfect combination of luxurious elegance, reliability, and affordability. Our team of experienced professionals provides a free consultation and templating, so you can be sure that your new granite worktops will fit perfectly in your space. We use the latest technology to ensure precise measurements are taken during this process for a perfect result every time.

Once templating is completed, the fabrication of your granite worktops will begin. Our team uses superior-quality materials and adheres to exacting standards to ensure our installations are second-to-none. We pay close attention to all of the details, from edges and corners to cutouts for sinks and other kitchen appliances, so you can be sure your new worktops will look stunning.

Finally, the installation of your granite kitchen worktops is handled with the utmost care and precision. Our experts have extensive experience in this field and take all necessary steps to ensure a seamless and safe installation that you can be proud of!

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For superior quality Granite kitchen worktop supply and installation services, call us today at SliKtop Worktops to learn more about how we can make your kitchen dreams come true. We look forward to helping you create the perfect luxury worktops for your home or business. To book your free consultation appointment just call our team to arrange a convenient time.

Why Choose SlikTop Worktops For Your Quartz Worktops?

At SlikTop Worktops, we are the experienced professionals you can trust to make your quartz worktop dreams a reality. Our highly skilled craftsmen have years of experience in designing and installing custom-made quartz worktops for homes and businesses alike, meaning that whatever your requirements, our team is here to provide you with the best service and results possible. We believe in using only the highest quality materials and finishes, ensuring that all our products are durable, beautiful, and perfectly suited to your needs.

Plus, with our commitment to customer service excellence, you can guarantee that you’ll be getting the best value for money and that every aspect of your quartz worktop installation will be taken care of with the utmost professionalism. So if you’re looking for a stunning, durable, and affordable quartz worktop solution, then look no further than SlikTop Worktops. Our team of experts is here to help bring your vision to life! Call us now to discuss your needs and arrange your FREE consultation together with a no-obligation quote.

Free Granite Worktop Consultation

Our free Granite Worktop Consultation offers a unique opportunity to get advice and consultation on the best granite worktops for your home. With expert guidance, we help you select the perfect granite countertop that fits both your taste and budget.

Because of our years of experience in this field, we are able to provide valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to granite worktops.

During this consultation, we discuss the many pros and cons of different types of countertops, as well as the various styles and finishes available. We will help you determine a design that complements your existing decor while also being within your budget.

After our free Granite Worktop Consultation, you will walk away with a better understanding of what options are available, as well as valuable insight into how to care for your new granite worktops. We believe this consultation to be a valuable resource for any homeowner interested in upgrading their kitchen with beautiful and durable granite worktops. If you are ready to take the next step towards enhancing your home, please contact us today to learn more about our free Granite Worktops offer. We look forward to helping you choose the perfect luxury worktops for your home or business.

Call now to book your FREE appointment with our team.

Granite Worktops Template

Get the perfect worktop with our precise templating process. We take lazer measurements down to the millimetre to create a template for your new granite worktops, ensuring an accurate template for cutting and shaping the granite slab to a perfect fit for your requirements. Our skilled craftsmen and advanced machinery, including CNC routers and waterjet cutting machines, get to work back at our workshop to fabricate a custom-fit worktop for your space. Trust us, we’re experts in achieving the best results in either natural or man made engineered solid surface materials.

Our worktop templating process is a vital and necessary step to perfect a mirror image of your new worktops so we can replicate and fabricate in our factory unit. This process must be done correctly for professional results!

Granite Worktops Fabrication

Experience the art of granite fabrication as we take you through our multi-step process:

1. Inspection and Selection: We start by selecting high-quality granite slabs that meet our standards for thickness, colour, and the pattern that you have selected

2. Cutting: Our hi-tech machinery precisely cuts the selected slab into the desired size and shape.

3. Edging and Profiling: We can shape and polish the granite edges to your selected profile, this can be straight edges to more detailed bullnose edges or ogee.

4. Seaming: If necessary, we seamlessly join slabs together with a special epoxy adhesive, followed by careful sanding and polishing for a seamless profile.

5. Worktop Finishing: Our specialised equipment and abrasive pads are used to create the perfect surface texture for your new granite worktops, whether it’s leathered, polished, or honed.

6. Final Quality Inspection: After the fabrication steps we then complete a thorough quality assurance inspection to make sure everything is crafted to our high standards!

Our Granite Worktops Installation Process

Get ready for our seamless installation process! Our team follows a simple, step-by-step procedure to ensure quality work and maximum convenience.

Step 1: Preparation
First of all the whole installation area needs be cleaned and prepared by removing all obstacles including the existing worktops, appliances, and any other debris that might obstruct the new worktops being installed.

Step 2: Delivery
On the agreed installation day, our team will deliver your worktop to your home or business premises in the Wakefield or surrounding area. We’ll carefully unload the product and bring it inside your property or commercial building.

Step 3: Dry Fitting
We’ll perform a dry fitting to ensure that the worktop fits perfectly onto the cabinets. This allows us to make any necessary adjustments for a seamless fit.

Step 4: Bonding and Sealing the Worktop
When we are satisfied with the dry fitting process, we will seal the granite surface, this will stop any staining from occurring. Then the worktops will be attached to your cabinets and bonded using our specialist adhesives. Then further checks to make sure all surfaces are level and any seams are taken care of.

Step 5: Finishing
Our team will apply any finishing touches that may be necessary. We’ll caulk around the edges, and attach all the sink fixtures for a professional job!

Step 6: Clean Up
After the completed Installation, our workforce will clean up afterwards and remove any excess debris or waste materials.

Leave the installation to us and let us transform your kitchen or bathroom with a fantastic luxury worktop!


Why granite?

Every slab of granite is individual and will feature its own unique lines, patterns and colour patterns. This complete uniqueness gives our customers the opportunity to have an individual countertop that will not exist anywhere else as on the planet. You will truly have a one off worktop. SLiKTop Worktops of Wakefield can find the right slab of granite which can perfectly match with your very own kitchen cabinets, while also giving an air of luxury and added beauty!
Granite worktops not only add an instant luxury upscale appeal to your kitchen or bathroom, they are a timeless investment that give you the opportunity for years and decades of enjoyment.

Although the natural granite is not 100% unbreakable, it’s a good investment and will return value by lasting for decades as it’s a hard dense natural material that is not prone to scratches. Were you aware that the only things that are indeed hard enough to scratch your granite worktop are granite itself or diamonds, Now that is durable!

More Reasons To Choose Granite Worktops

Granite has been a popular choice by our clients for years now. The feedback we get is that they like the way natural granite surfaces improve their kitchens’ level of pure luxury, texture, depth, and by adding another dimension to their home’s environment. We offer some stunning pieces of granite that cannot fail to enhance any kitchen or home design, and make the room bespoke like no other material.

Granite worktops care and maintenance

Granite worktops are a luxurious addition to any home, but like any natural stone worktop material, they require proper care and maintenance to keep them looking as good as the day they were installed. Here are some tips for proper granite worktop care:

1. Cleaning: Granite is porous and may be subject to staining if not properly cleaned. Avoid using abrasive cleaners and instead use a mild dishwashing soap with warm water to wipe down the surface regularly.

2. Sealing: Granite should be sealed at least once a year in order to protect it from staining and damage. You can purchase a granite sealer from your local hardware store and apply it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Avoid Acidic Products: Some acidic products, such as vinegar and citrus-based cleaners, can etch the surface of your granite. It is best to avoid them and only use mild dishwashing soap to clean the worktop.

4. Hot Pans: Granite worktops are heat resistant but should not be used for hot pans coming directly out of an oven or stove. It is best to use a hot pad or trivet to protect the surface from extreme temperatures.

5. Cutting: To avoid scratches, always use a cutting board when preparing food on your granite worktops. The use of sharp knives will also help prevent any damage, as they will not dig into the countertop material as easily as dull knives would.
Following these tips will help you keep your granite worktops looking as good as the day they were installed for many years to come. Take care of them and you’ll be rewarded with beautiful, luxurious worktops that are sure to last a lifetime!


Granite is a very durable material. It will not scratch easily and it can withstand heat without burning or scorching. A lot of people choose granite for their kitchen worktops because they find that food spills are less noticeable, which makes cleaning up much easier than on other materials, such as wood. Since this high-quality stone is so tough and hardwearing, you won’t need to replace your worktop anytime soon. Granite also comes in many different patterns, allowing you to personalise the appearance of your space with ease. If you want something more modern, then why not look at some sleek contrasting colours like black and white? Or if traditional elegance appeals to you most, then maybe rich reds would suit you best!.

Sealing Granite

It’s always a good idea to protect and seal your granite worktop tops, especially if the stone was poorly sealed originally from the beginning. This will help support the protection process, and lessen the chance of spilled liquids being absorbed, thus creating long-lasting stains. A worktop that has been poorly sealed can also attract bacteria within the surface pores.

Granite is porous in structure, which is not such a negative attribute, because if liquids sit on the surface for extended periods of time, the absorption will occur, but just as absorption takes place, evaporation will too!. It’s all down to the kind of liquid substance that has to be removed and the application of the removal product that you apply. Most substances will evaporate freely on their own without the need for further interaction. Good granite sealers will most likely protect the worktop frome any adverse effects of most liquid substances.

Colours of Granite Worktops

Granite is one of the most popular materials for worktops due to its beauty and durability. It also comes in a wide range of colours, from light beiges to dark greys, blacks and browns. There are also different types of granite such as quartzite and marble, which have unique colour variations between them.
When selecting a granite worktop, it is important to consider both the style and colour you want for your kitchen. A lighter shade will tend to provide a more airy and light atmosphere while a darker colour can be used to add a bold statement. The veining patterns in granite also vary between different types, so if you’re looking for a unique look then take time to compare the different veining patterns available.

As with all granite natural stones, you will be limited to the choice of colours and patterns that the organic earth produces. For instance, there’s not many solid one patterns or indeed bright colours available, I am not saying they don’t exist, but just in limited supply. Another thing to look out for is pattern and colour ranges incorporated in your stone choice, I say this because the sample may not give a true indication of the actual slab of granite. At least see the full slab or photo first to get a good idea of the full pattern and depth of your choice of stone.

White Granite Worktops

White granite worktops are a timeless classic and an excellent choice for any kitchen. They offer an elegant, luxurious look that comes with the strength and durability of natural stone. This makes them ideal for busy kitchens where spills and stains are common, as well as for their heat-resistant qualities.

In addition to being strong and durable, white granite worktops also have a unique aesthetic. They bring a sense of balance and order to the kitchen, while also helping to create a bright and airy atmosphere. The subtle veining pattern that is found in white granite adds an interesting detail of texture without making the space feel too busy.

When it comes to installation and maintenance, white granite worktops are relatively easy to care for. They are highly resistant to acidic substances and other spills, meaning that they can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild soap solution. As long as regular resealing is completed every few years, white granite worktops will remain in excellent condition for many years.

Black Granite Worktops

Black granite worktops are an ideal choice for those looking to add a touch of luxury to their kitchen. The naturally occurring black stone is both durable and aesthetically pleasing, making it the perfect addition to any kitchen. It can be used as a kitchen worktop, countertop, backsplash, or even as a feature wall. Granite worktops are available in various styles and colours, including black.

Black granite worktops are resistant to heat and scratches, making them ideal for everyday use in the kitchen. They also do not require regular maintenance like other materials do, meaning they can maintain their quality and shine for many years without being prone to damage or fading. As a natural stone product, black granite is naturally porous and absorbs liquids such as oils and acids, so it is important to seal the surface regularly in order to prevent staining or discoloration.

Black granite worktops can be used as a striking centerpiece for any kitchen design.

It adds elegance and sophistication while being low maintenance. They also pair well with other materials like stainless steel or wood, making them versatile and adaptable to different styles.

In conclusion, black granite worktops are an ideal choice for those looking to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to their kitchen. They provide an elegant and timeless look while being durable and low maintenance. With proper care and sealing, they can last for many years, making them a worthwhile investment in any kitchen design.


Granite Worktop Repairs

Granite worktops may be robust and durable, but you can still cause damage to them if you are careless and drop a heavy object on an overhanging corner or edge, as this could result in the chipping of the stone. If this does unfortunately occur you may need to contact a granite repair specialist to fix the break, crack or damage.


Natural Granite

The more we seem to reduce our exposure to man-made additives and chemical products, the more positive effects on our health and well being. Granite is a natural quarried stone, same as marble and other organic kitchen surfaces. Once these slabs are removed from the ground they are cut into all sorts of shapes and sizes ready to be fabricated into kitchen worktops, counter tops and anywhere else a hard surface is required. Quartz on the other hand is an engineered material, although many claim it’s natural status, it’s usually made with a percentage of resin, polyester and styrene.


Chemical Resistent

Kitchen worktops made from granite highly resistant to chemicals. Bases and acid compounds will not affect this organic surface material. They may harm the initial sealer over time so take special care not to repeat often, as they could dilute the sealer making it obsolete, the granite will need resealing if this occurs, and sooner than normal.


Granite Seams

In most kitchens, granite worktops will require 2-3 seams. All depending on your granite colour choice, the average granite slab size is variable. Large kitchen worktop islands can be completed mostly without seams. If your kitchen design is an L or U-shaped layout, then seams will be present, or countertops that angle into a different direction. But don’t despair too much as good fabricators like SLiKTop Worktops of Wakefield will use custom colour epoxy to infill, which does a fantastic job of disguising these seams.

Other Uses For Granite, And Places That May Need Granite Surfaces

Kitchen Granite Worktops

Your kitchen might need new granite worktops if you are looking to upgrade your current ones.The most popular use and application of granite relates to kitchen worktops. The never ending possibilities are endless when it comes to colour choice, designs, patterns and granite combinations used with this excellent natural worktop material. There is an increasing demand for granite worktops throughout the years as this stone is very versatile in that it can be custom-cut and fabricated to the customers exact shape and requirements and size. The available pleasing and aesthetic qualities, natural colours, designs, and organic charms can fit the decor of any modern and contemporary kitchen, and stand the test of time.

Kitchen Backsplash

Granite installed as a backsplash is an integral part of any bespoke and beautifully designed luxury kitchen.

A granite backsplash is a fantastic addition to any high-end kitchen look, it also adds a functionality benefit that you will receive from granite countertops. Granite backsplash can be convenient in the sense that it’s possible to match a backsplash with the same granite slab that was used to produce your kitchen worktop. This option will give you a nice flow and consistency within your kitchen environment, and easy on the eye!

Outdoor Patio Areas and Surfaces

Granite surfaces are ideal for outdoor spaces too, and that is because they are impervious to environmental conditions such as rain, heat, wind, or humidity. When you place them outdoors, you can forget about making sure your furniture items do not get damaged by natural elements, since granite surfaces will remain unaffected even in the harshest UK adverse weather conditions.

Granite For Bathroom

Granite is great for bathrooms as it can withstand moisture and humidity without warping or chipping, so a bathroom might need new granite worktops after years of use which become worn down from water exposure.

While granite worktops are most associated with kitchens, they can work just as well in bathrooms, especially if you are thinking of a bathroom renovation or remodeling project in the near future. Any bathroom area, or surface can utilise granite to create a bathroom that will be stunning to look at, easy to clean and outlast any other material on the market. If you are planning on staying in a property for a long time, then natural granite could be for you! It will be no doubt more expensive initially, but if you want something special and luxurious for the future, then this could very well be a good choice, and you will never need to go through the ordeal of decorating your bathroom again. It will no doubt save you money over time!

Granite For Bedroom

If you have not yet replaced your bedside tables, then it might be time to do so now, especially when considering how much more durable and reliable granite worktops would be in the long run. A bedroom is one place where you get into rest mode every day at least twice. That makes having furniture items with high resistance to common damage a must-have feature, otherwise, they could become eyesores in no time, which can affect your sleep quality too.


Granite Living Room

A formal lounge or living room is a fantastic place for entertaining your guests, why not introduce a bar area as a vocal point for parties and get-togethers. We can install a pre-designed section of granite countertop to create your very own cocktail bar, that can maximise the functionality of your living area, but also make you the talk of the town!

Granite Top Dinning Room Tables

If your dining table surface has seen better days and might be in the need of replacement, as multiple scratches are starting to show, making its overall appearance unsightly and rough looking. Instead of going for the usual mahogany or oak table replacement, consider granite instead, as this will add timeless elegance and luxury to the overall dining room.

Granite Swiming Pool Areas

The perfect countertop for your pool house is granite. It’s absorbent, so you don’t have to worry about people leaving permanent stains on it when they put wet suits and toys down. Another benefit is that it maintains the natural textures of stone. Once granite has been treated with a professional sealing compound it will be protected from permanent staining and marks, so all the original natural patterns and textures will keep their lustre and beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions about Granite Worktops

What type of edge will my new granite worktops have?

There are in fact three types of edges-bevelled, bullnose and ogee, which can all make a stunning feature to complement whatever room you decide to put them in, as they come in various colours too. The choice really depends upon how much money you want to spend and what look you prefer for your kitchen or another place where it’ll be installed since this might also affect its future resale value if ever needed later down the line, although not many people opt for an edged finish, so perhaps this is not the most important issue to consider.

Does granite hold bacteria?

We understand from a good source “Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)” that there is no evidence stating that granite harbors bacteria. This is backed up by the food and medical industry, which continues to use granite due to its good sanitary elements. Cleaning often with the right quality products will keep your kitchen granite worktop safe and secure with little risk of harboring bacteria. Granite in fact provides a safer environment than laminate worktops.
Quartz is a fantastic material and surely here to stay, but if you’re looking to bring this worktop into your kitchen, then you should first weigh up both the pros and cons. Read on to learn more about quartz and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Can knives scratch granite?

The truth is that all surfaces can be scratched by knives, even marble and limestone (although these softer stones are less resistant to damage). It’s not the type of surface, but rather how sharp your knife is. Avoid using extremely sharp cutlery on any kind of stone worktop because it will leave marks if used incorrectly.

How can i prevent cracks and chips to my worktops?

Cracks, breaks or snaps in your worktops or worktopsrtop can be avoided altogether by not allowing heavy weights or traffic on the edge of say a breakfast bar and minimising long term heat exposure. Avoid sitting directly in an overhanging granite area, as this may cause stress to existing cracks or weaken their integrity; always use trivets when setting hot pots or pans down so they don’t shock the outer surface too much. Without immediate attention from professionals, any cracks that appear could spread even further between each other leading eventually up through part(s) breaking off completely, or total collapse depending upon how severe it becomes

What is the difference between marble and granite?

Marble and granite are two popular materials used in the construction of countertops, floors, and walls. Both materials have a wide variety of colour options and offer unique characteristics that set them apart from one another.
The main difference between marble and granite is their composition. Marble is composed primarily of calcite or dolomite crystals, while granite is composed of quartz, feldspar, and mica. Marble is a softer stone than granite and has a higher porosity. This means that marble can be easily scratched and stained, while granite typically remains more durable.

Marble also offers a high-gloss finish which adds elegance to any surface it’s used on. Granite has a matte finish and is able to withstand more wear and tear than marble. Marble tends to be a bit pricier than granite due to its softness and vulnerability, but both materials can offer excellent value for money if maintained properly.

In conclusion, marble and granite each have their own unique qualities that make them ideal for different applications. Marble offers an elegant look while granite provides a more durable and cost-effective option. No matter which material you choose, both are sure to add beauty and value to your home.

How easy is it to care for granite worktops, and what is the best way to clean up a liquid spillage?

You can keep your granite countertops looking like new with a few simple steps. Simply wipe down the surface or use an ammonia-free window cleaner, and then blot any spills immediately before they have a chance to stain (which is rare). For stains that do occur just flush away while making sure you leave no residue behind by following these instructions from Homeowners: “If there’s blood/wine spillage on top of your counters at night; mix together enough water and mild soap in such proportions so as not to exceed 1 part liquid 4 parts powder.

Do all granite worktops need to be sealed?

No, not all granite worktops need to be sealed. Granite is a very hard and durable stone that can withstand the rigors of daily use without requiring sealing. However, if you want to protect your worktop from staining or general wear and tear, then sealing it will give it extra protection. Sealing is also recommended for porous stones such as marble, limestone, and travertine. To determine if your granite worktop needs to be sealed, you can perform a simple water test. Place a few drops of water on the surface and wait for about 15 minutes; if the water has been absorbed then the stone is porous and should be sealed. If not then no sealing is required. It is important to note that even when sealed, granite is not completely immune to staining. Therefore, it is important to clean up any spills or messes immediately and regularly maintain the worktop with a suitable cleaning solution. Sealing should be done at least once a year in order to maintain the protection of the surface.

It is important to use a good quality sealer when sealing your granite worktop, as this will ensure that the protection is long-lasting. Before applying the sealer to your worktop, make sure to clean it thoroughly and allow it to dry completely. Then you can apply a thin coat of sealer in an even layer over the granite and let it sit for up to 15 minutes. Finally, buff off any excess sealer with a paper towel or soft cloth. With proper maintenance and sealing, your granite worktop can last for many years to come.

If you have any questions or concerns about the process of sealing your granite worktop, it is best to consult with our professionals at SlikTop Worktops who have years of experience with this type of project. They will be able to advise you on the best products and techniques to use in order to ensure a great result. With the right care and maintenance, your granite worktop will remain looking stunning for years!

Why does some granite have small pits in it?

Pitting in many granite slabs is a common occurrence. This happens because granite is composed of many different mineral types, all of which are different to a degree in hardness. This subtle difference always results in the top outer layers of the soft type minerals to flake out as the slab is polished.

So for all your granite worktops, countertops and any other granite surfaces that need fabricating call SlikTop Worktops.

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